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WRMS (formerly called Weather Risk Management Services Pvt. Ltd.) is a pioneer of smart & sustainable farming in India. We leverage information communication technology, agriculture technology, and financial innovation to help farmers combat the causes of low productivity in agriculture, gain a secure income, and practice sustainable farming.

WRMS was incubated at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 2004 with investments from SIDBI & IIT Kanpur. Thus far, we have received investments & grants from UPL, ILO, and the Ford Foundation.

WRMS has served over 2 million farmers across 22 Indian states and has experience of working in more than 15 countries.

  • Farmers
  • Farmer Producers’ Organizations (FPOs)
  • Agri Input Companies; i.e companies manufacturing fertilizers, seeds, crop nutrients, farm machinery, and other farm inputs
  • Central & State Governments
  • Insurers & Reinsurers
  • Banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions
  • Other national & international agencies; including WWF, ILO, IFC, IWMI etc.

WRMS offers SecuFarm — the world’s first Smart & Sustainable Farming solution that provides guaranteed returns to the farmers; smart farming solutions — including weather forecasting, rain forecasting, flood management, wind management, water management & automated irrigation switches, soil nutrition management, on-demand soil testing, and pest tracking & control; and insurance design that includes crop insurance product design, claim monitoring, and portfolio management.

WRMS is the only smart farming company that offers guaranteed returns to the farmer. Behind its ability to innovate is a strong multidisciplinary team with expertise in Financial Engineering, Computer Science & Electronics, Atmospheric Physics & Climatology, Nanoscience, and Biotechnology.

WRMS offers insurers & reinsurers a robust solution for pricing the crop insurance products, analyzing the associated risks, and monitoring the insurance claims.

WRMS helps the government bodies in the successful implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY schemes) by subsidy optimization, timely loss assessment & claim settlement, providing farm-level manpower services for crop assessment & monitoring agriculture insurance, and promoting innovation in agriculture. Thus making the PMFBY scheme manageable, cost-efficient, time-efficient, and transparent. Additionally, it works with government bodies such as Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre (MNCFC) to conduct pilot studies related to optimization of Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs).

WRMS was founded in October 2004 and has been, ever since, working to empower the farmers who face the most daunting agrarian challenges.

WRMS has raised a total of USD 2.3 million from UPL Limited (5th Largest Agri Input Company globally), Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, and the prestigious Ford Foundation.

The entire process begins with geo-tagging of farms using GPS-enabled mobile phones, followed by crop insurance modeling using data sciences & actuarial sciences.

To provide real-time support to the farmers, a network of satellites & drones is used that provides real-time images of the crops. AI & Machine Learning-based image processing is applied on these images and the historical data sets of yield & calamity to provide yield forecasts at various stages of crop growth along with farm advisory.

IoT-based technologies are used to provide real-time alerts on mobile-based applications or through SMS or WhatsApp messages; Automated weather stations provide weather alerts, Soil sensors help in optimising irrigation, and Pest sensors provide alerts in case of conducive conditions for crop diseases or pest attacks.

A package of sustainable farming practices is offered to the farmers to optimize the use of water, chemicals, and other micronutrients. This package of practices is based on analysis of the geo-tagged farms for soil, water, & climatic conditions and forecasts of weather, crop diseases, & pest attacks.

Thus, WRMS leverages the smart technology and the in-house capability of weather risk analysis & agri-advisory to offer SecuFarm – a smart & sustainable farming solution that provides a guaranteed income – to the farmers.

What makes SecuFarm different from other Smart Farming solutions is that it not only assures enhanced productivity through the use of Smart Farming technology, but also provides a guaranteed income to the farmer.

Providing guaranteed income to the farmers using SecuFarm involves two broad aspects — enhancement of agricultural productivity and income protection by providing compensation for crop loss.

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