What Is AWS?

Automatic weather stations consist of weather sensors, installed at masts with standard heights of 2 m, 3 m, or 10 m (to prevent surface obstacles in measuring wind speed and direction) and a data logger unit, which collects, processes and stores the data and manages the communication protocols with remote servers.

Why AWS?


The Big Picture

More than 40 million ha of cropped area was damaged between 2011 and 2020 due to vagaries of weather including floods, unseasonal rainfall, hailstorms, and draughts.

The Reality

Most losses due to weather can be prevented with sufficient data, efficient forecasting, and timely action.

The Problem

Weather data is difficult to procure, especially in remote sites. Human labor and human error further add to the problem of the weather data collection.

The Solution

Automatic Weather Stations are extensively used to collect data from sites and locations which are remote, difficult to access or even from other locations to save human labor and avoid human error.

What Benefits Do We Offer

End-to-end Operations

  • In-house capability for end-to-end operations: Manufacturing → Supply → Installation → Operation
  • Customized design with state of art technology
  • Hardware innovations with advances in technology
  • Regular updation of hardware

Transparent Data Service

  • Real-time data delivery with advanced data collection, validation, & monitoring
  • Open for any clarifications and audit

Support Services

  • Maintenance: every 3 months
  • Sensor calibration: Twice every year
  • Prioritized location visits each month
  • Component replacement within specified life-period
  • Error resolution within 72 hours of reporting

High Quality Data

  • Data is being monitored round the clock
  • Advanced algorithms & integrity checks – syntactic, climate-range, time series consistency, spatial consistency, and device consistency – are applied on the data
  • Statistical analysis tools capture parameter drifts
  • Automated alerts are generated in-case of data failure

What Problems Do We Solve?

Climate Outlook & Weather Forecasting Service

Building business resilience against the vagaries of weather

Advanced Crop Health Monitoring

Enhancing estimation and decision making related to agricultural production

SecuFarm: Income Guaranteed Smart & Sustainable Farming Solution

The world’s first smart & sustainable farming solution that provides a guaranteed income to the farmers and makes investment in smart farming financially viable

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