What Is AIS?

AIS (Automatic Irrigation Switch) is an IoT device that allows farmers to remotely operate the irrigation pumps using Decision Support System based on soil moisture condition & availability of electricity, Time Triggers to operate at a predefined time for a defined duration, Missed Call, or Android Application.

Why AIS?


The Big Picture

Indian agriculture accounts for 90% water use due to fast track groundwater depletion and poor irrigation systems, leading to ‘water scarcity’

The Reality

India’s water problem in agriculture is NOT OF SCARCITY, rather of INEFFICIENT USE.

The Problem

Most Indian farmers face the challenge of water demand estimation & pump operation.

The Solution

By automating irrigation as per requirements, forecasting water demand, & creating an accountability for water & energy used. And this is exactly what the Automatic Irrigation Switch is designed for.

What Problems Do We Solve?

Water Demand Estimation

Farmers want to get an estimate of the right quantity and duration for watering the fields and wish to know:

  • When to irrigate
  • When to irrigate

Pump Operation

The challenges faced are:

  • Uncertainty of the time and duration for the availability of electricity to operate the irrigation pumps
  • Necessity to visit the farms to operate the pump in unfavorable weather conditions or in odd-timings
  • Safety of pump motor from electric hazards during rain or thunder

What Do We Offer To Solve These Problems?

  • SecuFarm mobile application allows the farmers to plan the pump run hours using this tool
  • AIS system can be switched ON / OFF by farmer by giving a missed call from the registered mobile number
  • AIS will operate once the electricity is available.
  • Pump will be operated for pre-defined irrigation time and will automatically be switched off once irrigation time is completed.
  • An acknowledgement return call or SMS will be sent to the farmer for every event; viz. Pump ON or OFF, Electricity availability.
  • Pump will be triggered ON for a predefined irrigation time by our SecuFarm Decision Support System once the soil moisture level goes down to threshold level.

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