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Ingen Technologies Private Limited – a wholly-owned subsidiary of WRMS founded in the year 2008 – is a leading weather and logistics service provider in India. Our technology solutions enhance the dairy and agriculture risk management capabilities of private organizations, banks & insurance companies, and government bodies.

Ingen's focus is to develop and manufacture smart IoTs with groundbreaking research in sensor and networking technology, that help unlock value in commercial and social businesses.

Smart Solutions For A Secure Tomorrow

Farm Monitoring Suite

Ingen is developing IoT instruments that help in monitoring and forecasting crop health for agricultural institutions such as seed & other agri-input companies, commodity procurement companies, agricultural banks, and insurance companies.

This includes 4,000+ Automatic Weather Stations (AWSs) deployed across Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Rwanda, Philippines, and Cambodia, and 2,000+ AWSs installed across India.

In addition to the AWSs, our Agriculture Solution Stack includes:

Automatic Irrigation Switches | Pest Monitor Sensors | Soil Moisture Sensors | Agriculture Survey Drones |

Dairy Logistics Suite

To support our clients in the dairy sector, we offer vehicle tracking devices, refrigerated van temperature sensors, and biometric & tamper-proof smart locks (SecuLocks), along with integrated SAP support.

Vehicle Tracking Suite

We offer a state-of-the-art end-to-end logistics management solution with applications in agriculture, dairy, courier, logistics & cargo, vehicle fleet, and personal vehicles.

Our Growth Story

2007 – 2009
  • Developed prototypes of vehicle tracking systems and weather stations at our office at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

  • Signed up contracts with prestigious institutions such as Mother Dairy and ICICI Group
  • Started tracking product distribution for Mother Dairy
  • Integrated tracking system with SAP to ensure transporter payments are automated and accurate
  • Along with the parent company WRMS, developed India’s first solution that combined Index Insurance with Farm Advisory and cutting-edge Weather Forecasting Services
2009 – 2012

  • Developed over 5,000 dairy & agriculture IoTs
  • Partnered with prestigious insurance corporations such as HDFC Ergo, IFFCO, Agricultural Insurance Company, and Microensure (Tanzania)
  • Partnered with dairy corporations such as Namaste India, Baani, and Paayas
  • Integrated logistics automation solution with wireless tracking, FIFO optimization, indent creation, and quantity & quality parameters

  • Developed and deployed over 10,000 IoTs
  • Expanded to African and ASEAN markets, including Bangladesh, Tanzania etc
  • Partnered with government institutions such as Government of Bangladesh, Government of Bihar, Government of Rajasthan, etc
  • Extended logistics automation services for fruits and vegetables segment of Safal
  • Integrated tracking system with 4G-enabled live video streaming
  • Developed Smart E-Lock Systems to control cargo access in the vehicles
2015 – 2019

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