Dairy Logistics Automation

What Do We Do?

Under our Dairy Supply Chain solution, we develop & install IoTs to test, track, and secure quality & quantity of milk & milk products, and SaaS platforms to integrate & energize the long & intricate dairy supply chain.

Why Do We Do So?


The Big Picture

Based on estimates by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), the growing Indian population is likely to increase the demand for milk to up to 180 million tonnes by 2022.

The Reality

  • With the growing demand, pilferage and adulteration of milk & milk products have become common
  • Most of the adulteration happens during milk transportation from Milk Collection Centres to Milk Processing
  • Perishable goods like milk require a time efficient supply chain

The Problem

How can we make the dairy supply chain more time efficient and pilferage-proof?

The Solution

By developing & installing IoTs to test, track, and secure quality & quantity of milk & milk products, and SaaS platforms to integrate & energize the long & intricate dairy supply chain.

What Problems Do We Solve?

Milk Delivery

  • Delays in milk delivery
  • Queuing at the plant gates
  • Long route
  • High cost of delivery

On-Route Dangers

  • Accidents and rash driving
  • Delays in delivery
  • Theft and pilferage
  • Geofence breaching

Accounting & Compliance

  • Problems associated with document verification of drivers & vehicles and the regulatory compliance
  • Discrepancies in distance traveled, toll-tax etc

What Benefits Do We Offer?

  • Route Planning for optimization of travel distance, time, & cost
      • Intelligent sorting based on IP and clubbing of orders based on preferred delivery time slots, priority, location preference, and order specifications
      • Accounting business & local constraints; eg traffic, route restrictions, toll tax, plant & vehicle capacity, order quantity etc
      • Delivering more in a day by minimizing time with more efficient routes
      • Optimizing first-mile operations, locations of distributor centers, and reducing sorting times
  • Geofence Setup for raising alerts if vehicle leaves an area when it shouldn’t
      • If a vehicle leaves the area when it shouldn’t, the fleet management team can be alerted and investigate the movement
      • By setting up a geofence which encompasses the authorized route, authorities / admins can be alerted if the vehicle breaches the boundary of that route
      • Geofences can be used by setting up a boundary around the urban environments with traffic restrictions, and generating alerts in such events
      • Geofences can be set up around dangerous spots en route, with alerts sent to the management team if a vehicle approaches the area and corrective actions / routes sent to the driver
  • Vehicle Location & Live Tracking for real-time tracking of vehicles
      • Managing operational exceptions & predictive alerts on delays, idle time, etc to improve customer experience and efficiency of delivery executives
      • Predicting time windows of delivery for customers thereby increasing first attempt rates and higher customer experience
      • Providing the live location and status of the vehicle, helping manage the fleet entering or exiting a centre
      • Generating alerts & notifying admins in the event of route deviation
      • Listing alerts on the alert dashboard.for efficient management
  • Door Operation Monitoring to prevent theft and pilferage
    • OTP-based door operation will dual key for project administrator and driver
    • Notification for unauthorized attempt of door operation
  • Chiller Temperature Monitoring for live monitoring of chiller temperature
      • Monitoring temperature of Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) using Level Sensor, Temperature Sensor, and Energy Sensor
    • ALERTS
      • Generating instant alerts for any increase in temperature, thus helping maintain the quality of milk at BMC
  • Trip Dashboard for efficient accounting and tracking asset usage regularly
    • Dashboards are customized as per the user type, e.g. plant managers, milk collection managers, and logistic partners
  • Alerts’ Dashboard to manage alerts generated in case of suspicious activities
    • The alerts are color-coded to classify them on basis of the severity & / or the resolution status
    • Vehicle access alerts help track unauthorised door opening, and prevent pilferage
    • Geofence breach alerts notify the authorities / admins if the vehicle leaves an area when it shouldn’t
  • Analytics Dashboard for better documentation, transparency, evaluation, & higher efficiency
      • Transporters
      • Plants
      • Customers
      • Drivers
      • Delays
      • Route deviation
      • Stoppage
      • Night driving
      • Rash driving
      • Accidents
      • Managers
      • Control room
      • Transporters
      • Customers
  • Logistics Invoice Manager for:
    • Managing the invoices of logistics partner
    • Settling discrepancies around distance traveled, payment due, toll-tax etc
  • SAP Quality Manager for quality planning, inspection, and reporting
      • Defining the process of inspection, the item characteristics to be inspected, and the test equipment needed for the inspection
      • Quality department inspects an item as per the inspection planning functionality
      • Reports as shown above are generated for each lot

What Technology Do We Use?

Indent Management System

  • Web- & app-based ERP solution for:
    • Prior visibility to transporters regarding vehicle demands from plants on app and web
    • Option for transporters to accept the demand, and upload documents of vehicles, drivers, & reporting time at plant
    • Quick verification of vehicles at the plant gate based on the uploaded documents
    • Integration with client SAP / ERP for indent management, invoice generation, and details of shipment
    • Visibility to transporters, plant managers, and other stakeholders regarding various processes at plants; e.g. vehicle entry, loading, invoice generation, vehicle exit, arrival at destination, and unloading
    • Real time tracking system for managers, transporters, distributors and other stakeholders
    • MIS reports based on route delays, deviations, unloading delays etc
  • Components
    • Separate web/app login for each user (Indenter / Plant Manager / Transporter / Distributor)
    • GPS tracking system and SecuLock installed in each vessel of the transporter carrying vehicle fleet to the distributor

IoT Stack

  • SecuLock:
    • Tamper-proof electronic lock for prevention of theft & pilferage
    • Components:
      • Electronic door-locking device, central server, mobile application, and control devices
      • Outer cover, rod, tracking device, sensor, memory, and battery
  • Vehicle Tracking System:
    • Wired
    • Wireless
  • 4G Enabled Live Video Monitoring Tool
  • Refrigerated Van Temperature Sensor
  • Power Management Unit

Inflow Management Module

  • Automated FIFO-based milk intake in the plant
  • Minimizes spoilage and waiting time

Alerts & Reports

  • Real-time alerts for quick action
  • 24x7 call centre team
  • Minimizes the chances of pilferage and tampering
  • Actionable insights & deviation analysis on a mouse click
  • Improves management efficiency

Route Optimization Module

  • AI based route optimization
  • Maximizes supply chain efficiency
  • Minimizes spoilage, fuel use, and pilferage

How Technology Works?

  • Indenter creates indent for transporter; viz. no. of vehicles, type of vehicles, reporting time, and destination
  • Transporters accept / reject orders against these visible indents
  • Plant manager gets visibility of these indents, and dispatches the vehicles
  • ERP system displays real-time location, dispatch time, ETA, alerts for these vehicles, and other details about the material in these vehicles
  • Transporters, plant managers, and distributors are able to see the ETA of their vehicles at the destination, unloading time, and E-POD
  • Control room gets daily / weekly / monthly MIS of these indents, along with the details of the movements of vehicles and alerts
  • The vehicle door conceals the main locking unit to prevent any unauthorized or forced access to the stored goods in the locked condition
  • When the vehicle door is closed, lock is enabled which can be unlocked using an OTP through mobile application
  • The inbuilt tracking device in the lock captures and transmits location data to a central server for en-route theft and pilferage incidents
  • The sensor (vibration and light) detects and transmits condition of the lock to the central server during the transit
  • The memory stores location data and locking / unlocking data during the transit, in case of any network problem
  • User uploads location-wise customer / distributor points using their portal login, along with various constraints such as plant capacity, vehicle capacity, customer demand, and customer delivery schedule
  • System will generate a distance-time matrix for the uploaded points using enterprise Google Map
  • Route optimizer tools will suggest an optimal route and a vehicle dispatch schedule for optimized fuel consumption and distance travelled
  • Managers can plan dispatch schedule based on the above output

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