What Are Pest Traps?

Electronic and manual pest traps are devices installed in the project farms for early detection and estimation of pests.

Why Pest Traps?


The Big Picture

On average, 33 % of crop loss occurs due to insect pests and diseases. These amount to over INR 50,000 crores per annum.

The Reality

These crop losses can be prevented by timely detection of pests and appropriate & adequate application of pesticides.

The Problem

Farmers are unable to forecast and / or detect early signs of a pest infestation.

The Solution

The pest monitoring systems developed by WRMS detect early signs of pest infestation and send notifications to the farmers for appropriate preventive / remedial measures.

What Do We Offer To Solve These Problems?

Electronic Traps

  • Sticky paper inside the apparatus attracts pests to stick on it
  • Inbuilt camera captures images of the sticky paper and sends it to the cloud server
  • Here, the images are analyzed through image processing algorithms to detect presence of pests

Real-time Assistance

  • Based on the result of the image processing analysis, a notification is sent to the farmers as well as the support team
  • Agricultural experts provide appropriate advisory and suggest the application of pesticides if required
  • Notifications and advisories are shared via SMS as well as on the SecuFarm mobile application
  • Assistance is provided in procuring the pesticides and mechanised spraying, wherever possible

What Problems Do We Solve?

  • Enhancing estimation and decision making related to agricultural production
  • The world’s first smart & sustainable farming solution that provides a guaranteed income to the farmers and makes investment in smart farming financially viable.

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